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School is officially out for the summer, and whether or not you have kids, this means there will still be many more people on the roads. There’s also the added bonus that now is the time for people to be using up their well-deserved vacation days for some crucial time spent away and in full relaxation mode. If you’re planning on making any big trips yourself this summer, whether you’re driving the majority of the way, flying, or doing a little bit of both, there are some safety tips you should keep in mind.

  1. Plan Ahead

If you’re headed out on a road trip, it’s important to plan ahead and map out exactly where you’ll be driving. Know the estimated distance of your trip as well as around what time you should arrive. Make sure you tell others about your plans. If anything happens to go wrong and no one is able to get in touch with you, it’s imperative that they know what your route was.

You can also use this time to check road conditions as well as weather conditions. Even in the heat of the summer, you never know when a summer thunderstorm might roll through. Be sure that you’re prepared for bad weather.

  1. Get Your Vehicle Prepared

Check the air pressure in all of your tires. While this is for safety purposes, making sure that your air pressure is where it should be means you’ll be spending the least amount on gas possible. Check the engine, battery and anything else within the vehicle’s interior. Make sure the A/C is working and the oil is changed.

Keep some emergency items in your car as well, like an extra phone charger, first aid kit and blanket in case something happens during a cool summer night.

  1. Stay Buckled

Seatbelt safety is so important no matter how old you are. It can be tempting on long car rides to unbuckle in an attempt to get more comfortable. Set an example for everyone in the car by keeping your seatbelt on at all times.

  1. Stay Alert

If you’re driving, keep your eyes on the road – don’t let yourself get distracted by electronics or other people in the car. If you’re flying, keep an eye on your things at all times. Stay aware of everything that’s going on around you – especially if you’re traveling abroad or in an unfamiliar location. Pickpockets are incredibly sly and often prey on those who seem lost or who have let their guard down.

  1. Look Into Travel Insurance

Hopefully you won’t need travel insurance, but what if something does happen? It provides you that peace of mind that you deserve while you’re traveling. It comes in handy if something unexpected comes up and you’re forced to cancel your trip. Additionally, if you get sick or injured while you’re abroad, the right travel insurance can be incredibly useful for covering medical costs or even an emergency trip home.


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