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Taylor Swift is rumored to have insured her legs for 40 million dollars. Jennifer Lopez insured her derriere for 27 million dollars. America Ferrara insured her Aquafresh smile for $10 million dollars. These are just three of many celebrities who have insured body parts to protect from financial loss. While average people insure average things such as cars and houses, soccer players insure their legs, singers insure their voices, and even adult entertainers insure parts that would make a claims adjuster blush. However, insuring body parts and other strange assets is not limited to just celebrities. Even average people can find insurance coverage for some very strange things. You might be surprised to find out the astonishing things your insurance can cover.

  • Ransom: In some countries being kidnapped is so common that insurance companies actually cover your ransom. In the event that you are set free, your ransom money would be reimbursed.

  • Tongue: It is possible to insure your taste buds. If you are a food critic, and your endorsement can make or break a restaurant, insurance companies will likely cover you.

  • Unattended Death: If there is an unattended death in your house, such as a murder or suicide, some home insurance policies will help with clean-up costs.

  • Aliens: If you are abducted by aliens, or in the random event of a UFO crash, some insurance companies will provide coverage in the million dollar range.

  • Volcanoes: If your home or possessions are damaged by lava or volcanic ash, insurance companies may cover you under the ‘open perils’ clause.

  • Golf Cart: Insuring your golf cart is quite common. It protects against collisions and bodily injury, and many providers even offer roadside assistance.

  • Meteoroid: If your property is damaged by “stuff” that falls from the sky, such as interplanetary matter, you may be covered under the open perils section. This also includes satellite debris, or any other objects that are not specifically excluded.

  • Eaten jewelry: If Fido accidentally swallowed your diamonds, your home insurance policy may reimburse you for lost jewelry. Although pets are usually not covered, this may be an exception depending on your insurer. Count on questions being asked.

  • Prankster: If their target is a tombstone or grave marker, the item is considered a valuable by the insurance company and can be covered if it is damaged or defaced with spray paint or by other means.

  • Spoiled Wine: Your wine collection may be covered by your home insurance if you can prove that it lost its value because of overheating. For instance, if your home floods and the repair crew uses heat to speed up the drying process, it is possible to claim a value loss on the prematurely aged wine.

Life is unpredictable and it is important to protect yourself from the unexpected. Whether you are kidnapped for ransom or involved in a UFO crash, isn’t it better to stay on the safe side? Insurance companies can help protect you and your assets from financial hardship.

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