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For those people who circulate frequently in the northern border strip this policy is of great help, because it has basic and comprehensive packages that protect drivers in both Mexico and the United States.

This type of insurance is used, to a large extent, for resident vehicles located on the border of Mexico and the United States, so that the requirements are different compared to private cars that circulate in the interior of the Mexican Republic.

What are the insurance that exists for border cars?

Generally, insurers divide their coverage into four main packages, which are as follows:

Basic package

It includes the Civil Liability coverage that covers the damages caused by the insured driver to third parties, including material goods, bodily injuries and even the death of those affected in the accident.

In this same plan, the insured can have legal assistance and a bond.

Limited package

The driver will be protected not only for the damages that he may cause to others, he will also be able to insure his car against total theft and even the insurer can provide road assistance, which consists of a set of assistance on the road such as shipping gasoline, current , locksmith, crane, etc.

Wide Package

In this plan are the essential coverages so that both the driver and his vehicle are supported in the event of an accident. In addition to Civil Liability, Total Theft, Legal and Road Assistance, the following two are added:

  • Material Damage: covers damages to the car derived from an accident or other type of loss that has damaged the insured unit. In case the damages exceed the value of the car, it will be compensated. A deductible applies for both repair and compensation.
  • Medical Expenses for Occupants: covers hospitalization, specialist care, medicines, rehabilitation and other assistance required by the policy holder due to a vehicle accident.

Comprehensive Plus Package

The difference with this package and the previous one, Comprehensive, is that in this one there are greater guarantees and other coverages such as Substitute Auto can be added, which provides a car to the insured while the unit is repaired or located due to theft.

Also some companies could eliminate the deductible in compensation for car theft, among other assistance.

Where to find border auto insurance?

In Mexico, most insurers have this product and each one offers packages for each type of driver and car. Therefore, it is recommended that before purchasing a policy for the border area, you compare yourself with at least three insurers on the market.

To save time and money, the Rastreator quote helps the driver to find the best policy, since it gives him autonomy to choose the one that best suits him by showing detailed information on each package. The comparer is safe and free.

Main requirements to contract border auto insurance

The requirements to take out a policy of this type vary slightly in each company. In general, they require the original invoice of the car, and if it is a vehicle manufactured in the United States, an Import Request will be requested, since it guarantees that the unit was illegally entered into the country.

In the same way, it is necessary that the car have border plates and that the driver lives in the border states of the northern country, which are: Baja California Sur, in the Partial Region of the state of Sonora and in the Municipalities of Cananea and Caborca ​​in the state of Sonora.

On the other hand, it is necessary to have on hand: CURP, official identification of the contractor, driver’s license, RFC, account number for the insurance to compensate the unit in case of Total Loss, proof of address and personal data (full name, sex, age, occupation, contact number).

Once the insurance is contracted, it is recommended to keep the policy in a safe place and read the conditions of the contract, since there will be situations in which the insurance may not support, such as driving while alcoholic.

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