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Pampered pets aren’t just for the rich and famous. The American Pet Products Association predicts that Americans will spend over $60 billion on their pets in 2015. Having a pet or an “animal companion” is like a family member and millions of Americans can’t put a price on their pet’s happiness or well-being. In fact, many pet owners may agree that they would gladly spend more money taking care of their pets than themselves. For many animal lovers, it’s hard to argue. What’s better than being greeted by a friendly lick and the wag of a tail after a long day at work? How can you turn away cuddle companion on a sick day? For many pet owners, their furry companion provides more love, security, and joy than any human counterpart can or has been able to offer.

Pet Insurance


These days, twenty and thirty-somethings are waiting to have children or deciding not to have any at all. As a result, pets are becoming the “children” to millions of Americans and all of the money they would spend on a human child is spent on a pet. Pampered pets do not just belong to the adults without children; many families treat their pet as one of the family and no expense is too large for the health and happiness of a beloved furry friend.


Since many pet owners make their pet’s health a priority, more pets have regular visits for wellness checkups or appointments for teeth cleanings. Additionally, pet owners are often willing to pay for complicated surgeries, expensive tests and xrays, and lengthy treatments; anything that extends the life and health of their non-human family member. Overtime, trips to the vet can add up and cause financial strain and debt. To avoid further financial issues and decided whether or not they can afford a procedure, many pet owners opt for pet insurance. Yes, pet insurance. Like regular health insurance, pet insurance covers basic exams and other procedures, it just depends on the policy.

Some Thoughts Before Choosing Pet Insurance


Before you sign up for the first pet insurance plan that pops up in a basic internet search, it’s important to do your research. Like regular health insurance (for humans) not every plan is created equal and some are better suited for your needs than others. If you’re unsure what kind of pet insurance plan to choose, make sure you check out reviews and talk to your veterinarian. You may find out that your pet is not qualified for any coverage due to age, breed, or pre-existing health conditions.


Additionally, you may find that in this “pet loving society”, your workplace may offer insurance for your pet. This is more likely to occur in workplaces where animals accompany their owners to work. While there aren’t that many places that combine employee and pet benefits, it may be more common in the near future, particularly as the love of a dog, cat, parrot, or iguana continues to grow in households across America.

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