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Life in a college town has a lot offer, whether you are a student or a retiree. However, one person’s “pros” may be another person’s “cons,” and even for those who love the life, there can be some less than desirable aspects.

To paraphrase a USA today article, a college town is one in which a college and its culture has a dominant influence on the character of the town, typically between 15,000 and 250,000 in population, with 20% of the population comprised of college students. When a significant portion of a town’s residents are students, it can have both positive and negative effects on the other inhabitants of the town.

Advantages of Living in a College Town

College town living has benefits for people of all ages:

  • Affordable housing: According to an article on Bankrate, many college towns have housing markets with very reasonable pricing. For example, per the article, the average price of a home is $121,885 in Akron, OH, $144,996 in Muncie, IN, and $148,000 in Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Continuing education: Most colleges have continuing education programs for people other than full-time students who want to continue to learn new things and stimulate their minds.
  • Cultural and recreational attractions: Art fairs, music festivals, sports events, and museums are common features in college towns.
  • Health care: When a university has a medical school, health care tends to be of higher quality and more cutting edge, per the Bankrate article.
  • Close community: Most college towns are smaller, and residents get to know each other. People tend to be friendlier and more social. This is a characteristic of college town living that many residents enjoy.
  • Employment opportunities: Part-time jobs can usually be found by retirees or students who want them. Referrals from professors can help graduates get into permanent employment positions.

Disadvantages of College Town Living

In spite of all it has to offer, living in a college town does have some disadvantages:

  • When students graduate in a college town, there is usually more competition for fewer job opportunities than a larger city would have.
  • The close community that some people enjoy can be construed as a lack of privacy for others. It is hard to remain anonymous in a town where everyone knows everyone.
  • Travel could be more expensive and less convenient than it would be in larger cities, as higher fares go with smaller airports, and some college towns do not even have airports.
  • College students tend to party, frequently and boisterously. Depending where you live and what places you frequent, noise levels and rowdy behavior could be annoying on occasion. The real problem, however, is that young people who are partying may drive while drug or alcohol impaired and cause accidents.

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