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ObamaCare is officially known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Most of the provisions of the law are already in effect and the rest are expected to operate by the year 2022. Although there are many critics of Obamacare, many don’t seem to understand it fully.

This is a health care law that increases the accessibility, quality and affordability of health insurance. This also eliminates the conditions that have been prevalent and stops the insurance companies from boycotting you at the time when you get sick. There are various other benefits of ObamaCare. You should remember that it does not create any health insurance. Instead, it regulates the health insurance industry for various purposes.

However, it has been mentioned that not everyone is eligible under this umbrella. There are certain facts that determine whether you are eligible for the subsidy or not. If your employer supplies you with cost effective comprehensive insurance, then you are definitely not eligible for the subsidy in exchange. It should be noted that the affordability plan can only be applied for giving coverage to the employee, the cost that is involved, including dependents to the plan, cannot be taken into account. However, if the coverage of the employee is taken to be cost effective, then you will not be eligible for this subsidy in exchange. This has been referred to as the family glitch.

Many changes have been made since its implementation, and it is helping many families be able to afford the healthcare that they deserve. Critics of ObamaCare state that this will end up costing them more, as premiums are expected to spike up sharply for varying reasons. One of them is completion between insurance companies. Those who decide that they like their coverage under Obamacare may be affected by this. There are many behind the scenes issues that many are unaware of, and the entire process may be too complicated for the average American to understand.

Benefits of ObamaCare

Shoppers now are given the opportunity to compare the health care in the exchanges. Cost assistance will be given to small businesses, families and individuals through this Health Insurance Market Place. Obamacare also states that large employers will now have to give full time coverage to their workers. This is not all, there will be not be any limits on health care, meaning no lifetime limit or annual limit.

The best part about this is that you cannot be denied coverage whatever may be the reason. No one will be able to cheat you, as you will not be charged more based on your gender and your health care status. You will also not be denied any coverage depending on the insurance that you had previously. It gives you the right to appeal to any of the decision of the health insurance company. Moreover, you can always demand for a summary to understand your benefit of your health plan in a better way.

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